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Levent Şenyürek

Printed in: English | English translation: Feyza Howell | 1st edition: 2009 | Cover Design: Jeannine Gray | 130 pages | Book size: 14 x 21 cm | Price: 11 TL | ISBN: 9789944424493 |

I couldn't sleep at night and suddenly saw the left side of my mind.I saw and was afraid.I was out of breath and I bad not been aware of it,of myself, unaware of its flailing, I hadn't seen its flailing.My mind was on the brink of death when I saw it.It was a piece of flesh fighting for its life Do you believe that ghost and aliens walk the earth,wandering amongst us?It might be useful to define quite what you believe in as you read the ten stories in this book,since your convictions are certain to affect what conclusions you may draw from these stories.Or,it could go the opposite way:The conclusions you draw may well alter your convictions! Written for the discerning science fiction reader,this book races from the creation to apocalypse and from the ordinary to utter insanity.while the fire smouldering between the words may indeed set preconceptions alight.He who doesn't lose himself doesn't understand or he who understands loses himself.says Bünyamin.You have been warned....